Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

Living or visiting in Utah definitely comes with its perks. There’s the “best snow on Earth” and within less than a few hours, and in all directions, can be found lakes, deserts, and huge mountains, along with National and State Parks galore! Yes, Utahns are truly blessed by the amazing nature of our location. It is every savvy outdoorsman’s and outdoorswoman’s dream! Yet, with the abundant nature, come the equally abundant critters that live here.

If you have ever driven up one of our many canyons, you are sure to have come across wildlife, and sometimes that wildlife gets froggy. This Mazda was the victim of a deer jumping into traffic, leaving the driver with very little time to react. We are happy to announce that the passengers were not harmed in the production of this blog. The deer? Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Bambi. When life throws you a deer, come and see us! We will take the stress out of the situation and let you get on with life, making it so that the repair of your damaged vehicle is the last thing that you need to worry about! Stay safe out there!


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