I’m sure it’s happened to us all. We are in a rush so we hit up the nearest fast food joint drive-thru, thinking this is going to save time and, lo and behold, we are stuck there in line for 15-20 minutes because the guy in the van with 45 kids who’s in front of us has apparently ordered 10 of everything on the menu. Then you finally get your order and drive off quickly, looking to make up for even more lost time but by the time you actually check your bag you’re 5 miles away with no time to spare to turn back. Instead of getting what you ordered, you discover you have ended up with something that you weren’t even aware was on the menu. To top it off, there’s no straw, no ketchup, no napkins and the food’s cold. Pretty sure this is what begins every road rage incident.

Bottom line is that no one enjoys wasting their time and money, getting something other than what they asked for, or sloppy, rushed and inadequate service. JP’s Collision Center strives for excellence with each and every job that comes in. We won’t give you something you didn’t ask for and we never cut corners. Our completion dates are taken seriously and we do our best to meet each deadline on time, delivering an end-product that’s above your expectations. If a situation arises that requires more time, you will be informed ASAP. We will educate you on how the insurance process works, should you need it, and walk you through the entire process as we go. No surprises. No gimmicks. No games. Just straightforward and honest service.

We like the fact that we are unique and unlike any other auto body shop you will ever visit, especially the “big box” companies who couldn’t care less about you as an individual and only see dollar signs. That’s just not what we’re about. We enjoy getting to know our customers throughout the process and making you feel like a part of the family! We don’t want anyone to feel nervous about walking into our facility, though we get it. Too many companies out there will try to upsale you on something you didn’t really need or talk you into more than you want to spend. Some places won’t even make you aware of your options, using only the most expensive parts, instead of educating you about your options and letting you decide. Come visit us and leave your worries at our doormat! You can expect honest service at JP’s because integrity is the cornerstone of our business…and we won’t skimp on the metaphorical ketchup!

We wanted to share with everyone that we are also currently in the process of remodeling sections of the building to accommodate even larger projects! Remember our previous chat about the evolution of businesses? Change was needed, and we (quite literally) knocked down a few walls to make room for our largest challenge yet, which is currently in-process and we can’t wait to show you the results! Stay safe out there and stay tuned!