Update on the American Revolution!

First off, let us start by saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” We hope you are enjoying this day of giving and receiving love! If you’re still running around looking for a last-minute Valentine’s gift idea, come pop in and see us! We may be able to help!

Getting back to the ginormous project that is the American Revolution RV… A project this large is like a giant puzzle, one where there is a specific way that the pieces go together and in a specific order. Each part of the overall repair of this RV is equally as important as the next, but to begin, we need to start with the structure and security of the framework as well as the larger pieces that go together.

Currently, as you can see from the photos, we are getting the slide out ready to put back on. Slight bodywork has begun and the framework for the slide out is being fixed or replaced and then put back into place. We take our time to ensure attention to details so that we can deliver an excellent end-product. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon! Take a look at our progress and stay tuned for bi-weekly updates of this fascinating process!


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