The Holidays are Upon Us!

Struggling with what to get your significant other this giving season? You could always opt for the slightly iffy gift, similar to the one you gave them last year. You know what one, it’s probably still sitting in the back of their closet with the tags still on, or in its original box, or worse. Why not go for something that is guaranteed to make them happy? Remember when your daughter backed your wife’s car into a mailbox and left that eyesore of a dent on the back panel? Maybe you’re like me and borrowed your husband’s brand new truck to go fishing, swearing that you never even went in reverse, but somehow there’s a huge dent in the tailgate. Whatever the blemish, we can fix it!


Holiday gifting is a guessing game at best. Get your loved ones something this Holiday season that is lasting and something they will truly appreciate. Cars are extensions of our personalities. Your car should reflect the way you feel about yourself, especially if your business’ name is on the side. People see your car more than they see you. Think about it. In all the commuting we do, at every stop light and sign, even just driving around, people will notice your bumper or quarter panel hanging on with zip ties before they ever take note of who is driving. Make sure the message that you are sending is one that matches who you are.


Make this the best Christmas ever and be the winner of the gift-giving war this Holiday season! Come down, meet the crew, and get a free estimate so that you can wow that special person this year, making their gift to you of a blender look like child’s play! We can arrange to pick up and drop off the vehicle, helping you keep the surprise under wraps. We can even get them set up with a rental car, if needed, for the duration of the repairs. Come visit us and see what we can do for you and your loved ones this Christmas. Don’t settle for the same old boring and thoughtless gifts. Get them something they’ll really appreciate! Give them the gift of a car that looks better than the day they bought it!


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