The average person spends over 100 hours per year driving around in their car, so why not make it a more enjoyable experience for yourself?

The state of your vehicle says a lot about you as an individual, so why not make sure you’re sending the message that you want to send? JP’s Collision Center has many services available to you for all of your automotive needs and more! Check out some of what we can offer you!

Automotive Body, Collision Repair and Framework

We handle all types of auto body repair with precision.

It has happened to us all; you go inside the grocery store to grab a few things and return to your car only to see that a shopping cart has been crash-parked into the side of your vehicle. Maybe you have hit, or been hit, by another vehicle, causing frame damage along with a collection of dents and scrapes. Fear not! We are equipped to get your vehicle running like new again.



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