‘Safety First’: It’s Not Just a Slogan

‘Safety First’: It’s Not Just a Slogan

Sweet summertime! Kids are out of school, lemonade stands adorn our neighborhood corners, and the open road is calling! Is your vehicle ready for adventure? More importantly, will it make it safely to its destination and back again?

If you’re unsure or just want peace of mind, JP’s Collision Center can help! JP’s reputation for honesty proceeds him and you need never worry about being told that something needs repairs when it, in fact, doesn’t. His over 40 years of experience ensures that he and his team know exactly what they’re doing, which in turn rids you of the anxiety of ‘will my car make it?’ scenarios.

During a safety inspection, JP’s performs a bumper-to-bumper check on everything. Tires, fluid levels, lights, alignment…everything. Come and visit us and get the peace of mind you deserve so that the next time you are out on an adventure, ‘will my car make it?’ will be the last thought you’ll have!

Reminder: JP’s Collision Center’s 2nd Annual Car Show is coming up in August! Mark Your Calendars!
3675 S. 300 W. SLC, UT
See our flyer and event information here and on Car Czar’s show calendar website! http://utahcarczar.com/car-shows/upcoming-car-shows/
Interested in being involved? Give us a call at 801-266-7791


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