Ready to Roll?

Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and some of the leaves up the canyons are even changing color. This means that winter is making her way to the Salt Lake Valley. Are you prepared?


JP’s Collision Center offers a variety of services to help get you ready for travel in the colder winter months. Headlamp restoration is an often overlooked but very necessary item to check off your list before the flurries begin to cloud our vision while driving, especially at night. Headlamp restoration drastically increases visibility and light projection at night and during poor weather conditions, keeping you and those you love safe during the inclement months. Headed to the resorts this winter? Make sure you drop in and get your headlamps back in shape before the snow starts falling. No one ever thinks to get something like this done until the situation presents itself, but let’s be proactive this go around, shall we?


Another item to check is your tire tread. If you are like some people, you assume that as long as your tires aren’t completely bald, they’ll grip the road, even when things get slushy. Not true. Think about how snow might pack into what tread you have left, essentially rendering your tires ineffective. JP recommends looking into a set of new tires to get you ready, if not a simple tire rotation to keep the tread wear even. It may even be something as simple as checking for proper inflation. Remember that as it gets colder, the air inside your tires will contract, which could leave you rolling around with insufficient PSI, leading to minimized traction and uneven wear on the tread. No Bueno, my friends!


As JP’s daughter, and from a very young age, he instilled in me the knowledge that allows me to keep my vehicle running at peak performance. In fact, I knew how to change a tire before I was even old enough to drive a car. The point is to check your tires now. Don’t wait until you have a flat, slide off the road because your tires aren’t capable of handling what you’ve thrown their way, or the upcoming inevitable blizzards. We can even get you set with an alignment to make sure your vehicle will turn when and where you want it to, with no surprises, and ensure proper wear of the tread, making them last much longer and saving you cash in the end.


Winter is coming. Don’t be left unprepared and wishing you’d have checked everything thoroughly before the need comes along. Come down or call us and let’s give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy the winter months safely!



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