Oversized Vehicles


JP’s Collision Center is well known for having the capacity to handle any car and truck that comes through their doors, but did you know that we can accommodate much, much more than that? From smaller-sized vehicles like Vespas, motorcycles, and quads, to oversized RVs and motorhomes; even the strange and oddly-shaped jobs like support equipment, trailers, and boats…we do it all! Our facility is quite large, and our 7 utility bays boast an average height of 16 feet and a length capacity of 48 feet long, making our building large enough to house just about any large or bulky rig.


Seriously, we’ve seen it all. Food trucks, ambulances, semis, boats, oversized RVs and toy haulers, horse and 5th wheel trailers, utility equipment, tow trucks, flatbed trucks, tractors, limousines, large passenger and utility vans, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. With an appetite for the weird and the unusual, we welcome even the trickiest and most complexly challenging undertakings. Bring it on! The possibilities are endless! Come and share your dream with us, and watch us make it a reality!


In regards to the upcoming Car Show on August 26th, if you or anyone you know is interested in donating prizes for the raffle, sponsoring the event, getting involved with the event itself, or registering a car for the show, hit us up! You can call JP or Scott at (801)266-7791, message us on Facebook, or drop by and see us at 3675 S. 300 W. This is your chance to be a part of something really great, helping raise money for the Operation Zero- Veteran Suicide Prevention non-profit organization. Get your feel-good on and get involved today!


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