Mother Nature was Confused

If you’re anything like me, you are currently praying that mother nature figures her stuff out and/or gets back on her medication. Hopefully, that last burst of winter was it and we can now begin thinking about summer. She did do us a favor in disguise though because her indecisiveness has bought us a few extra weeks to get all of our summer-essential toys ready for every mountain, desert, river, and lake. Time to pull the tarps and dust them off in the name of adventure! Mother nature may have been confused, but we aren’t… and you don’t have to be either.


The team at JP’s is standing by to address all of your automotive, RV, trailer, ATV, boat, and 5th wheel trailer needs! There are many benefits to getting your rigs ready now, including the avoidance of leaving for that annual family sand dunes trip 3 hours later than you had all envisioned, noticing at the last possible moment that the RV isn’t as road-ready as you had believed, and after you’ve already loaded up all the kids, dogs, groceries, and impatient mothers-in-law. Not saying I’ve ever done this… but then is not the time to start tinkering with your wagon train of toys for little and bigger fixes. Take action before you even have a date marked on your calendar for the next fishing trip or camping extravaganza. Tax returns are probably burning a hole in your wallet anyway, and there could not a better time to get everything taken care of so that, when adventure calls, you’re already ready to go! (It’s a crazy concept, right?)

Another reminder: our Annual Car Show is coming this August 26th, so tell your friends and get your rides ready! Contact us if you are interested in participating in or sponsoring our event, or if you need help getting your car ready for the show. Stay tuned for exact times!


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