Making the Most of a Utahn Rivalry!

The car show is ten days away (Sunday, August 26th) and we are getting pretty amped up for the event over here! The final pieces are coming together and we couldn’t be happier about it, nor more humbled by the sheer number of people who have already donated to the cause. When we set out on this mission, we never imagined that so many people would step up and support us in this endeavor. We feel truly honored to know each and every one of you and we thank you for helping this idea become a reality. Special thanks must be given to our internal employees here at JP’s for helping with the brainstorming and organizing of this event as well. We truly have the best work-family ever!


Last week I mentioned that we will be auctioning off two football helmets, one Utah and one BYU. But it gets better. I was able to reach out to a friend who has special connections with the players from both teams, and she is getting the helmets signed by the players this week! In addition, I plan to have a certificate made for each helmet, stating who signed them. If someone you know is a Utah or BYU fanatic, please share this post with them so that they don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! This will be a silent auction, so if you are interested in bidding, please find the auction table at the event and place your bid. Bidding will close at 2:30 PM (1430) on the day of the event, so get there before then if you want a chance at getting one or both of these helmets!


Last week JP and I met with the Operation Zero representatives from our state and we are pleased to announce that a number of them will be active and present at the event to answer questions and raise awareness, as well as mingle with the amazing crowd. The Utah branch of Operation Zero is in its fledgling stages, but the money that is donated to the larger and more established PCR (Pacific Coast Region) branch will be shared with their Utah counterparts, ultimately helping the non-profit in two regions, and potentially reaching more veterans and getting the awareness out about the fact that our veterans need our help. They deserve our attention and this is the driving factor behind this entire charity car show event.


Gearing up for next weekend, please, if you can read this and you’re going to be there, RSVP to the event page, which I will share again immediately following this post. We anticipate a great turnout, but a heads up regarding sheer numbers will be helpful in the orchestration of the event itself. Also, if you plan to enter a vehicle in the show, please let us know with a comment attached to the RSVP. We will, of course, accept as many cars as we have room for on the lot, but a heads up can help us with staging to allow for maximum space. As previously mentioned, the entire JP’s and adjacent parking lots will be dedicated to the car show staging, so please park any other vehicles not participating in the show on the main road (300 West), or wherever you can find a legal spot.


Those participating in the show, please bring your own form of sunshade, cooler, and anything else you will need to be comfortable for the duration of the event. Spectators should come prepared with sunscreen and a water source. We have a donor supplying drinks, but because we don’t know the exact number of those attending, we strongly encourage you to come prepared and hydrated. The drawing will likely be done towards the later hours of the event and just before the silent auction closes, so please fill out the short form for the drawing fully, or drop a business card in the drawing box. (We need the contact information in case your name is drawn and you leave before the drawing.)


We are looking forward to a successful event that will hopefully raise a healthy sum for our veterans, and we look forward to seeing you all next Sunday! Let’s show our veterans that the Salt Lake valley cares!


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