JP’s Collision Center’s 2nd Annual Car Show!

In light of the lessons we learned from last year’s car show, we are attempting to get moving on this year’s show much earlier in advance. Date is still TBD, though we are accepting feedback from last year’s attendees regarding whether September might be a better month in which to host this event, weather permitting of course. (August was a little too warm last year.)

For this year’s car show, JP has chosen the Humane Society of Utah as the charitable contribution recipients! For more information regarding this organization, go to On their page you can see what each dollar amount donated can do to help our furry friends. The best part about the Humane Society of Utah, is that they are official members of the No-Kill Utah Coalition and they focus on the successful adoptions of each animal that comes into their care.

Anyone who knows JP personally knows that he has a deep affection for animals, more specifically dogs. JP has been blessed with several furry companions during his lifetime, many of which came directly from the Humane Society. This year, let’s come together to help those that make our lives each day just a little lighter and brighter. A dog never judges us when we wear our slippers out the front door. They couldn’t care less about our physical appearance, all they seek is our love. Let’s show them we are there for them in return!


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