It’s a Winnie!

Sometimes life requires a little ingenuity. Sometimes that ingenuity might involve zip-ties. Hey, we don’t judge! Whatever you’ve got to do to get the vehicle into the shop! This ’05 Winnebago Adventurer is at our facility now, getting a facelift after an unfortunate collision with another inanimate object. We wanted to show the process in greater detail this time so that you can see the change occurring and in real-time. It really is a fascinating process! These are the pictures of the teardown and restructuring as it is happening. Notice the care that our body technician and mechanic give to the details that will make this RV look like an unfortunate event never happened. More pictures to follow after completion so stay tuned!


Quick update on the upcoming Car Show! We have been making the rounds with the flyers for the show, and we truly are excited about a great turnout. We would like to give much-deserved recognition and thanks to our sponsors that have donated goods or services thus far. Service is truly in the hearts of these men and women, and our gratitude is immeasurable! Thank you!


We are always open to any ideas and suggestions you might have that would help set this event off, so feel free to contact us if you think we are missing anything! Mark your calendars for the 26th of this month, shine your cars up, and we’ll see you there!


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