It Doesn’t Have to Be ‘All or Nothing’!

It’s happened to us all. We buy something and then years down the road, the manufacturers discontinue production and replacement parts and accessories become nearly, if not completely, impossible to find. Take this Tradewinds LTC for example. The trailer hitched to it popped off and rammed the rear grill. The only issue, besides a ruined family trip, was that the replacement parts can no longer be ordered. They stopped making them. So, what do we do? Cry? Eat a tub of ice cream? Start looking up all of our exes on Facebook to see how overweight/hideous they’ve gotten? Watch The Notebook until our eyes turn red? No! We adapt and overcome! If there isn’t a way…we make one! This rear grill was completely refabricated from scratch! Let us know what you think!

Other things happening at JP’s include slight touch-ups on a Riverstone Legacy 5th wheel trailer, Fleetwood Storm motorhome, and Peterbilt Semi. Not everything has to be fully redone and we realize this! Does your motorhome, trailer, or vehicle need a little TLC, but not a full makeover? Come see us!

Reminder: the 2nd annual JP’s Collision Center’s Charity Car Show is coming up on Sunday, August 25th, so mark your calendars. This is an event that JP has done for many years, but had to take a break from hosting for a minute for personal reasons. Last year, he revived it and we are excited to make this year, and every year following an even greater success. JP chooses a charity of his choice each year, and as many of you already know, this year’s recipient will be the Utah Humane Society! I mean, who doesn’t love fuzzy things that never judge us or complain? Flyers will be distributed throughout the valley and the event posted on Car Czar soon, so pull the covers off your prized possession and get her ready to show off! See you there!

Special side note: Bored? Kids need out of the house? (I mean, we are only 2 weeks into summer, but if you’re like me…we need something to do and for a great cause!) Come check out this event today, benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation! Food trucks, fireworks, activities, and a splash pad for the kiddos (or those of us older folks with Peter Pan Syndrome, like myself)! Tip: Bring a blanket, change of clothes, and towels.


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