Insurance Claims- Knowledge is Power!

Imagine you’re driving down the road when, suddenly, and in a matter of seconds, your Monday has gone from just okay to not alright at all. Another driver has run a red light and slammed broadside into your vehicle, and with that comes a hell that no one can see coming. The kids are crying in the backseat and the airbag that just moments ago punched you in the face is still deflating. You slap it out of your space bubble and look back to see that your upset children still have all of their limbs. There’s steam erupting from under the hood and a rainbow of fluids are busy painting the asphalt.

Given the fact that your world has become suddenly very complicated, dealing with the insurance companies doesn’t have to be an added factor. JP’s Collision Center will take the hassle out of the repair of your vehicle, from the moment we tow it into the shop, to the moment you pick it up, good as new. We will work closely with your insurance agents and get you exactly what you want, nothing less. We also represent YOU, our customer, and our best interest is YOURS.

At JP’s we believe in arming our customers with the power of knowledge. You have rights, especially when insurance companies are involved! See our “Customer Bill of Rights” and empower yourself to make the right choices during times when insurance companies will act like your best friend… and then steer you where THEIR best interests are met. (You’re so very welcome!)

Have insurance claim-related questions? Give us a call and let us lift the weight from your shoulders!


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