Holding Higher Standards

We recently had a customer bring their vehicle into our shop in a state of desperation after their insurance company told them they had to take it to one of their “preferred” shops. So, trusting in the advice of their insurance company, they took it to a dealership that was on the “preferred” list, and there they had an incredibly terrible experience. The vehicle was returned to them with (and I kid you not) double-sided tape, hot glue, and random screws holding it together! None of the body lines matched up. The front bumper was literally hot glued on. It was a mess. The customer tried three times to get the dealership to right the wrong and on the third try, the dealership told the customer that there was “nothing they could do” for them anymore. Unbelievable, right?

This is where JP and his team flew in with their flapping capes of glory and saved the day! During disassembly of the vehicle, our team discovered just how bad this situation actually was. We were just as shocked as the customer to find such an outright mess hidden under the panels, hood, and bumpers. Our standards are much higher than this, and yours should be too.

Insurance companies may lead you to believe that you have to take your vehicle where they tell you to, but this is deceptive and it is, in fact, illegal. You have the right to take your vehicle anywhere you like, so skip the duct tape, glue and cut corners! Come see us and get it done right the first time!




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