Headlamp Restoration

Everything ages. We do, our dogs do, and so do our vehicle’s headlamps. Fear not though, because JP’s has a solution… at least for that last one. Have you ever been driving at night down that dark back road, studded with potholes, deer, and the occasional creepy shadow that could possibly turn out to be the guy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? And then you have that epiphany of a moment when you realize that you can’t see 5 feet in front of you? In my personal experience, that’s always exactly when the deer will jump right out in front of your car like fuzzy, four-legged Rambos. Let’s face it; we need to be able to see in all conditions while driving, people! Foggy headlamps reduce your ability to see at night and during inclement weather conditions, and they are at fault for many accidents. We can help!


Through a process of dry sanding, wet sanding, and then a clear coat application that contains a protective UV filter in it, we can bring your old and foggy headlamps back to looking better than new and back to lighting your way like they were originally intended to do. The best part? They’ll stay like that. The UV treatment in the clear coat protects your headlamps from further oxidization and deterioration so that you can rest assured that the next time you need your lamps to do what they were designed to do, they’ll be ready. Come and see us, give us a call, or drop us a message and ask about our headlamp restoration!

Also… just a friendly reminder, JP’s Car Show is coming up this August 26th (which is a Sunday) and for this year, JP has decided to ask for donations in lieu of a registration fee… 100% of which will go to the Operation Zero – Veteran Suicide Prevention PCR, which provides a number of services for veterans and their families in an effort to reduce the number of veteran suicides. This is an issue that is close to the hearts of everyone at JP’s, and we would appreciate your donations in an effort to raise awareness and much-needed aid for the veterans that are in need. Exact times still TBD, and we’ll keep you posted as the date gets closer, but mark your calendars now! More information about this amazing organization can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Operation-Zero-Veteran-Suicide-Prevention-PCR-1889149701371441/



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