Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that we either ‘love-love’ or we think is ridiculous and a complete waste of money, am I right? Chances are if you identify with the latter, you’re just plain tired of giving and receiving expensive flowers that die after 2 days and chocolates that are gone after 1 week, max. Might as well take that little stack of money you have worked so hard for and set it on fire. You know that you can do better! Why not consider giving a gift that’s thoughtful and won’t just last 48 hours at best?

Did you know that JP’s Collision Center has an ‘a la carte menu’ of sorts, allowing you to find the perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life, something unique and that shows you actually put some thought into gifting and didn’t just wing it with some gas station roses on the way home from work on February 14th? Not judging, really, we’ve all done it. Point is, you don’t have to!

Here are some of the services we offer that are great ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift, and ones they’ll definitely appreciate (and it’ll be so unexpected!)

Car Detail-

Seriously the best detailing in the valley! You know what your Valentine would really love? For their car not to smell like the stale french fries and chicken nuggets that were stuffed under the seat 6 months ago. If you have children, then you know that cleaning your car can be very similar to opening up a pandora’s box of amateur science projects and mystery surprises. Their car will be the cleanest that they have seen it since it was driven off the lot and they will be reminded of what the original color of their floor mats and the exterior of their car are. Extra bonus gift! You’re so very welcome!

Headlamp Restoration and Bulb Replacement-

Are they driving a car around that’s winking at other people due to a burnt-out bulb? Maybe the lenses have become foggy over time and no longer as luminous as their radiant smile? (Additional points on this one because their driving is probably scary enough, without added safety factors like headlights not working properly.) Let’s make sure your Valentine is both visible to other drivers, and that they can see!

Full or Partial Paint and Body-

You know about it because they bring it up every time they get in or out of the car, that one door with the paint color that they swear is off and doesn’t match the rest of the car. Maybe they’d enjoy having that bumper replaced- from that one time where they backed into a snow bank that was actually a retaining wall? Maybe get that dent fixed from that rogue shopping cart incident, finally?

Whatever the situation, we’ve got you, especially when struggling with gift ideas! Have questions? Have ideas, but need some guidance? Let our group of experienced experts help you put together the perfect gift for your Valentine this Year, and then sit back and watch them gush over how thoughtful your gift was! (If you’re still nervous about it after, you can still grab that rose from the gas station on your way home too and put it on the dash.)

From everyone at JP’s, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, hug the ones you love, and stay safe out there!


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