Great Gifting Ideas!

With the Thanksgiving turkey hangovers done and over for 2018, festive lights are beginning to pop up around town and the snow is in the near forecast. Everything smells like pumpkin spice and our waistbands are feeling a little more pressure than average. Driving around town, we can see people coming home with trees strapped to their roofs and the infectious holiday spirit is so thick in the air that we can taste the peppermint. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you’ve survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there’s always that last-minute shopping left still to do before you’ll be ready for the Mother of all holidays: Christmas!


Have you checked off almost all of your entire gift list and still have yet to get something for that hard-to-buy-for person? You know, the one that seems to already have everything or is so picky that you get anxiety about gifting to them? May I suggest thinking outside of the Christmas box? JP’s Collision Center can help you come up with an unusual, meaningful, and sure to please gift! We offer a wide variety of gift ideas for the season, ranging from headlamp restoration to bed liners and running boards. Not everybody needs paint and bodywork. We know this. So, maybe now’s a great time to fix that pesky automated running board that has been bugging your mother all year long. (The one that sporadically pops in and out at the most random of times, while failing to open and close when actually needed.)


Funny (now) personal story; I once had my car stolen at 0500 hours, on a Sunday, right from my driveway, in the dead of winter. I was warming my car up and getting ready to head off on another snowshoeing adventure and I had left my car running to defog while grabbing the last of my gear from my house. I hadn’t been gone 2 minutes, but I turned around with my gear and opened the door to my house, only to find… an empty driveway! My epic frolic in the woods now canceled and, more importantly, my beloved Subaru Outback was gone! I could just picture in my mind the little snot-nosed young’uns that were out joy-riding, hitting trash cans, and doing donuts in my baby as I called the police to report it. Then came the anger from the violation of my personal space, as well as being angry at myself because I knew better than to leave my car running, unlocked, with the keys in it! But, honestly, who steals a car at 0500 on a Sunday?! Somebody did and it wasn’t fun to deal with.


You know what would’ve saved me this entire garbage experience? If I had had a keyless ignition system installed in my car. This might be the perfect idea for those in your circle who, like me, like to warm up their car from the comfort of inside the house. It’s also a great idea for anyone who doesn’t enjoy having their vehicle stolen, which I’m assuming is just about everyone on the planet that owns a car. I had one installed immediately after my vehicle had been recovered and now I never have to worry about that again. And it feels great!


Out of Christmas gift ideas? Come chat with us and let us help you come up with the perfect options that are actually useful! News flash: everybody’s tired of getting wool socks! Step outside of gifting norm and knock their socks off this time, rather than just giving them socks! Call for pricing and scheduling now and then relax while we check that last person off your list for you!


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