Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

If you have kids or plan to at some point, then it is only a matter of time before your child gets their driver’s license and sets out into the abys without you. It’s a big, scary world out there. We spend the first sixteen years of their lives, trying to prepare them for what’s out there. Drunk drivers. Distracted drivers. Let us not forget Utah is notorious for drivers that don’t know what their mirrors are for or what a turn signal is. But these kids are “adults” now. They think they’ve got this and you can no longer tell them something they don’t already know because they have it all figured out. (Flashbacks anyone?)

So, you hand them the keys to their first car and on a wind and a prayer…they’re off! Out into the world they venture! Say your kid is an old soul and drives like it as well, they’re still going to hit something. God help you if they grew up watching classic re-runs of the Dukes or NASCAR, or demolition derbies… Point is, we all wreck a car or two when we are learning. The first few months fly by without a hitch and then they think they’ve really got it under control. That’s when the complacency sets in and accidents happen.

We don’t trust just anyone when it comes to our kids, so why would you put them behind the wheel of a vehicle you no longer trusted the structural integrity of or let their bruised egos climb back behind the wheel of a ‘fixed’ vehicle they previously had run into a concrete divider on the freeway, going 70 MPH, after a merry-go-round ride from hell across 4 lanes of rush hour traffic? The answer is, you wouldn’t.

This one hits close to home because I have 2 little ones. One 6 (with 10 more years to mentally prepare me for the day she’s out in the traffic lanes of Utah) and the other is 11. This may seem insignificant, but I swear just yesterday my 11-year-old was wearing Pampers and needed a refill in her sippy. It goes so fast and then…they’re out there. Without you. Are you prepared for that? Do you know where to take their vehicle to get it repaired when the unfortunate inevitable does happen?

You can trust in our experienced staff, who all have children and know what it feels like to send them out there on four wheels into the world. They will take extra care to ensure that the vehicle, once repaired, is so safe that they’d let their own child get back behind its wheel without a worry about the previously compromised security… Because it won’t be an issue when we finish up with it. Kids wreck cars. Is your child safe? Are they ready for what’s out there?


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