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The internet is a double-edged sword of information. You can literally find information on anything and everything, ranging from how to build a rocket to the access to endless funny cat videos. Have a weird rash? There’re definitely a few websites out there that’ll more than cover that. Just be careful though because I once looked up my ailments and was self-diagnosed and convinced thirty minutes later that I was definitely dying of an enlarged brain tumor and had three days to live. It can be the greatest tool ever, or your imagination’s worst enemy.

Need a great place to bring your car for automotive paint and repairs? Getting ready for a season of road trips and want to make sure your family will travel in safety, the stop to visit the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn being your only painful setback? Google no further! Jp’s Collision Center can comb over your vehicle making sure everything under the hood is working properly as well as looking great on the outside.

In addition to his extensive knowledge, the owner, JP Flynn is a proud 10-year member of a local BNI Wealth Masters chapter. BNI focuses on a system of networking and referrals between various other business owners and this means that if you need a service that we don’t provide, we have someone that we know and trust to refer you to. Healthy working relationships with these businesses also means that in many cases, we can arrange for the extra services/repairs to be completed while your vehicle is already in our shop, getting whatever else you might need done.

For example, say you need a piece of glass replaced on your vehicle. We proudly and highly recommend Corey Lambert and his experienced team at Auto Glass Specialists. They can come to you and create an easy and hassle-free experience! In many cases, with the right insurance, it may not cost you a thing! How great is that? As a personal example and testament to the BNI system, I recently needed to have my power steering on the Subie fixed, as well as getting my emissions testing done and registration renewed. The BNI referral and networking system made it easy to find Aposhian Garage, a tried and trusted professional outside of JP’s to take my business to. The experience and service were amazing!

In the event that you need something that JP’s doesn’t routinely offer, we know someone who does! Come in and let us show you what we and our network can do to make your life easier and your ride through life smoother!


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