June 6th, 1944

On this day 75 years ago, thousands of young men stormed the beaches of France in order to attack Nazi Germany. Many of these young men (some who weren’t even 18 yet) drowned while exiting the landing ships before even getting the chance to fight, being pulled down by the weight of their own gear in waters too deep to wade to the shore. Many were shot before disembarking was even possible as they approached the beach.

Just imagine for a moment that you are a young man, full of courage, bravado, and patriotism, heading towards the distant French coastline in a packed landing ship. As the nausea and anxiety set in with the realization that you are knocking at death’s door, the landing door opens and all hell breaks loose. Would you have had the courage to do what they did?

A majority of these young men would die. Blood spilled into the sand and painted the beaches red. This is a day that deserves remembrance and warrants our utmost respect. Let us not forget and give thanks to those brave men that fought for the defenseless and a cause that they believed in.


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