Closing Out the Summer with a Day of Fun!

The Car Show is coming up in just over 2 weeks! Loose ends are getting tied up and we are getting excited as we anticipate another successful event that gives back to our community. As many of you are already aware, this year’s recipients are of the furrier sort. JP has chosen the Utah Humane Society as being the star and beneficiary of this year’s show, as our four-legged furry friends are a soft spot for JP. We have worked closely with them over the last few months in order to get ready for the event and we can’t wait to show them what our community can do when we come together!
Over the course of the last couple of months, several business professionals and companies have stepped up to aid us in the execution of our event. We would like to thank the Utah Humane Society, our sponsors at Audra Lloyd Realty and Dawn with Fuzzy Love Photography, and please welcome our newest contributor…drumroll, please! We are excited to announce that Leilani’s Eatery Snowy Snow Cone has joined the ranks! Those that were present last year will appreciate the game-changer that adding her snow cone truck to the event will bring! Check out her Facebook page for further information:

Special thanks as well to those in our networks that have jumped in to share our flyers and help promote the event or donate towards the event as well! We’d especially like to thank Ashley Sue Tuft with Citywide Home loans for her early donation!
The event is fast approaching, so if you are interested in attending, donating, or helping out, let us know! Get ready for a day of fun in the August sun!
A couple of safety and other notes for the event:~ Please ensure you bring some form of sunshade if you plan to stay for the duration of the event. The event is being held in a blacktop parking lot, and 90 degrees can feel like much more without shade. (There will be a few sunshades set up by our team, but we can’t cover an entire parking lot.)~ We love our furry friends (obviously), and though we do not discourage the attendance of your friendly pets at the event, we highly encourage you to think ahead. It’s going to be hot and the asphalt is hotter. We would hate to see any dehydrated pups with burned pads on their feet…~ Water bottles will be available and we will spark up a few grills to serve hamburgers and hot dogs. In lieu of charging for these refreshments, we simply ask for a donation to the Utah Humane Society. (Not subject to the Snow Cone truck, which we have left charging/donations to their discretion.)~ Parking for the show vehicles will be located along the shop’s parking lot (3675 S. 300 W.) and are first-come, first-serve assignments. Parking for spectators will be along 3rd west, wherever you can legally find a spot. Come early to get the best spots!
More updates to come as we close in on the date! Looking forward to seeing everyone and their beautiful vehicles there! See our event posted in the Car Czar website here:


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