Car Show for a Great Cause

Have you heard? JP’s Collision Center is reinstating their annual car show and they’re going to donate 100% of the donations made this year to the Operation Zero- Veteran Suicide Prevention, PCR organization. As anyone who is familiar with JP and his family will know, they are passionate about our military and veteran communities. Military service members sacrifice a lot for our betterment and our country, and we think it’s time to give back to them. Did you know that we lose 22 military veterans to suicide daily? That’s 22 brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and children that are needlessly lost each day. In our opinion, that’s 22 too many!


Operation zero is a non-profit that pours their hearts and souls into the battle against veteran suicide. Everyone on their team donates their time, expertise, and energy, without collecting a dime for themselves, to spread awareness, provide resources, and lend an understanding ear. When I first reached out to this organization, I spoke with the founding Marine that goes by the nickname “Cliffhanger”, and I quickly realized that this person embodied everything that is right in this world. He answered my call and tirelessly answered all of my questions, even though he had just spent the night, standing watch over another Brother in hospice. I knew right then that I wasn’t dealing with an organization whose heart wasn’t in the right place, which has unfortunately been an issue in the past.


The fight for many of our veterans doesn’t just end when their contractual service does. These are men and women who have been through journeys most couldn’t even imagine. They serve their countries, without ever asking for gratitude in return. The nature of their service often asks things of their spouses and children that put extreme pressures on their families. They train and re-train nonstop, around the clock, until the completion of their service, and they often have difficulty with transitioning back to civilian life because they become so good at what they are trained to do and it becomes a way of life; it isn’t just a job. Operation Zero isn’t just a place for those struggling, it is a family. When I called, I realized that I had found another Marine Brother, even though we’d never met in person. This is precisely the kind of organization JP’s wants to be a part of and promote. Help us keep them doing the amazing things that they are!


The Car Show is going to be held in the JP’s parking lot on August 26th, from 10 AM to 3 PM, at 3675 S. 300 W. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring or would like to be a part of this event, or if you would like to enter your ride in the show, let us know! You can reach us via Facebook or call (801)266-7791. If you are planning on showing your car in the show, snap a pic and post in it the following comments. Let’s get the excitement brewing because this is going to be a fun day, and for a really great cause! There will be food, fun, and even a lottery to win prizes. I plan to open a separate fundraiser for the same organization on Facebook very soon, for those that would like to donate to the cause but can’t be physically present for the car show. Thank you to those who have already offered donations, even before all of the logistics could be planned out completely! Watch your feed for a link to the online version of the fundraiser, coming soon, or you can wait for the show or visit the link to their homepage and donate to them when it is most convenient for you. It matters not how the money reaches them, just that it does. Together, we can spread awareness and eradicate this issue altogether. See you there!


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