Calling all Anglers!

Do you remember when we said that JP’s Collision Center can, quite literally, do it all? We meant it too. My fiancé and I are fly fishermen, and we try to hit the rivers as much as possible in our Hyde drift boat. Sometimes we bring the kids, sometimes we leave them with Grandpa and Grandma and get a little more serious fishing time in, but there are always great memories and fun times to be had by all. Just imagine you’re floating down the river, birds in the trees on the banks, fish jumping here and there, everyone on the boat is hooking fish, and there’s even a double rainbow…all the way across! Pelicans are diving for fish alongside you and the breeze smells of sweet vacation. Sounds amazing, right?


Well, if you happen to be the designated rower of said boat and the oars that you are using to navigate the river are leaving fiberglass shrapnel in the palms of your hands, and quite literally anything else they touch, it can quickly take your focus off of the vacation and on to attempting to pull splinters out of your hands (or other parts). JP’s Collision Center set our little family up much more comfortably for many more river trips to come by sanding down the shafts of the oars and giving them extra coats of clear coat to seal in and protect the existing fiberglass of the oars from the sun and further oxidization. Not only did it work perfectly to preserve the oars, but the best part is that there are no more worries about getting fiberglass stuck in random body parts that just happen to graze their surfaces any longer. We don’t even have to wear oven mitts to row them anymore! Yay! (That last part was a joke, but it really was almost THAT bad.)


JP’s really is the one-stop shop for anything that needs bodywork and paint, and it doesn’t just stop with roads. Headed to the river this fall or next spring? Come down and see what JP’s can do to make sure your drift boat is the envy of the river! We can do just about anything that you can row, sail, float, drive, and…well, you get the idea! Remember, it’s always better to get your toys ready now, before the occasion calls. It’s called being proactive, people! The rivers will rise, the hatches will happen, and the fish will bite. Are you ready?


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