Be Prepared!

In the name of national emergency preparedness, most of us received an emergency alert text message on our phones or heard the nationwide drill on the radio today. It’s great to be prepared for anything, and I know that I cannot be the only one that was a little bit freaked out by this. It got me thinking… Is my vehicle prepared for an emergency situation? When was my last oil and brake change? Is my emergency kit that stays in my car stocked? How much gas is in my tank?


My father, JP, raised me to never let my gas gauge get below half, in case of just such a scenario and also because there are benefits for your fuel pump when we practice this. (There are sediments that inevitably end up at the bottom of everyone’s tanks through normal filling.) Gasoline has impurities in it that settle at the bottom of your tank, which can potentially clog your fuel filter when the gas level gets low enough. Imagine if you had to pack your kids up and get out in an emergency situation, only to get to your car and the gauge is telling you that you will only make it 2 miles or the filter quit on you. Not to sound like the kind of person that might horde hand grenades or build an underground bunker underneath my house, but what if the scenario involved a total loss of power, state or nationwide? The pumps wouldn’t be in operation and if you had no gas, you would be up a creek without a paddle, so to speak.


Think about it. Most Americans spend more time driving around in their cars than they do at home. If disaster strikes while on the road, we want to be prepared. Take the time to check your oil this week and if you need a change, come see us! We can help with that! Are your brakes in good condition and fluid levels filled? Check all of your tires (spare tire included) for accurate tire pressure and wear. Make sure that you have a jack and that it is serviceable. Where’s your lug wrench? You may even want to put together a toolkit and bag that has emergency items in it and store it in your vehicle. Things like flares, reflective signs, extra oil, windshield wiper fluid, brake and power steering fluid, gloves, a blanket, jumper pack, and cables can be invaluable things to have with you in a pinch, especially with tricky winter situations that can present further challenges.


The word of the day kids is prepared. No one ever thinks of needing these items and being prepared until the moment presents itself. Usually by then though, it’s too late. Make yourself a mental note to check your vehicle this week and if you need help getting prepared for emergencies, come down and visit us. We can help point you in the right direction and give you peace of mind. It’s only scary if you aren’t ready!


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