Attention to Detail-ing

It happens. Humans are very busy creatures. You have 100,457,933 things to do before the day is over, and sometimes those things that are piling up on the back burner get neglected. Like, for a long time. Things like getting your cavity filled, scrubbing your bathtub…. and cleaning and washing your car. Sound familiar? Let’s face it. We can always make more time by getting up earlier or staying up later, but that means dipping further into our preciously coveted sleep time, and who doesn’t love to sleep? So why not let us take one of those nagging things that you need to get done off of your to-do list for you?


$125 gets you a full detail and wash (complimentary when you have another service done with us), and this isn’t like any other car detail you’ve had before. I can attest to this personally, as I have very high standards and when I picked up my car after having the leaks in my power steering and coolant systems, and transmission fixed, I was in absolute shock. I have 2 young girls, I frequent muddy mountainous trails, camp as often as I can justify, and I have a dog. You can imagine the damage we can collectively do to the inside and outside of my poor car when working as a team. When I picked up my Subaru, my vehicle was cleaner than I had ever seen it. I almost walked right past it because I didn’t recognize it, sitting there in JP’s parking lot. Gone were the crayons and greasy little fingerprints on my windows, and the hair that my dog had shed all over was also missing. Even the air conditioning vents had been cleaned out, a part of detailing that even the high-end detail shops tend to skip. Not at JP’s!


You would think JP’s detailing technician had at some point graduated from Parris Island because their attention to detail is impeccable. They will steam-clean your mats, vacuum, clean all surfaces, windows, wash the exterior, and even shine your wheels and tires up for you. JP’s Collision Center offers shampooing, as well, if your carpets and upholstery are in need. (Pricing is based on how much time it will take to get all of the stains out.) Come and see what a superbly clean car, inside and out, really feels and looks like! Summer’s around the corner! Don’t be the one that is caught rolling around with something that looks like you drove it into Utah Lake and forgot about it for a month!


Update on the upcoming Car Show:

Date: Sunday, August 26th.

We now have a time designated, and it will go from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm (1000 – 1500, for those that prefer military time).

100% of donations will go to Operation Zero- Veteran Suicide Prevention PCR, benefitting the fight against Veteran suicide and raising awareness for the cause. More information can be found at


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