All Projects, Great and Small!

Sometimes we have projects that are going to take some time, while others are just quick fixes. We don’t discriminate! No matter the project size, come and see us so we can show you the possibilities! Remember the Revolution? We have the slide on! Yes, it took some time, but we believe slow and steady wins the race in cases like this. So much goes into a project of this size and we aren’t rushing through it, nor are we cutting any corners!

Have you noticed we have had a lot of RVs and trailers as of late? That’s because we aren’t afraid of the challenge! (We even knocked out a wall to accommodate the Revolution’s size, so this means we’ll pretty much stop at nothing for our customers!) Go ahead and use Google to find out how many shops are in the valley that are up to tasks this size. We’ll wait. When you’re sick of clicking, you know where to go!

We have multiple restoration projects going on as well. The past deserves our respect, and we don’t believe classics from the past should be left to rot and become shadows. Have a classic project sitting in the garage, waiting for the day when you ‘have the time’? News flash. That day may never come, as busy as our lives get. Why not bring her down and trust her in our care? Let us get her back on the road and turn back the clocks to the year she was first made!

Also, as a reminder, the 2nd Annual JP’s Collision Center’s Car Show is coming up on August 25th! If you want to get involved or are planning on coming, let us know! (See event under ‘Events’.)

See you next week for more updates and things happening at JP’s!


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