A Nightmare with a Happy Ending

Imagine you wake up in the morning and head out to your vehicle, only to find that your pride and joy has been horribly, horribly vandalized. This was the case for a recent customer of ours. Using a key, the vandal had written obscenities all over the truck, slashed the upholstery and busted the dashboard to pieces. Even the door panels on the inside weren’t safe from damage. They had absolutely destroyed the vehicle overnight.


We took this project on and completely restored the vehicle’s condition to better than new. The gouged body and paint were restored carefully by our experts and full attention to detail was given to the entire vehicle, including the upholstered seats and interior panels that had been so badly damaged. This customer’s story ended up being an amazing way to showcase our capabilities, as we handled each and every obstacle within our own shop. We did not sublet out anything, showing you that we really can do it all!


When the damage is done, and you are left feeling humiliated and violated by the destruction, lean on us! We can help ease the stress that these kinds of terrible experiences bring about by taking care of the A-to-Z for you. All you have to do is call, and we can arrange to tow, handle the insurance companies, and everything else so that you don’t have to. Take your stress to the golf course, slopes, trails… anywhere else, and let us roll up our sleeves and do what we do best.


We know that experiences like these can be extremely stressful and awful. At JP’s, we believe in catering to our customers and ensuring that you leave happier than you were when you came in. We absolutely pride ourselves on it! So, when life gives you lemons…come see us! We make a mean lemonade!






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