1983 Chevy Camaro Z28



This American-made beauty was only in need of a little of the right kind of personal attention! Equipped with an appreciation for maintaining beautifully made things, a keen eye, and an impeccable sense of attention to detail, our Tyler Sieverts (AKA “Kid Rock”) really made the interior of this Camaro come (back) to life. As with anything that is lovingly used, appearances tend to fade with time and natural wear. Seats get worn, crayons melt, drinks spill, and life happens. Unfortunately for our vehicles, this means that it’s their interior that seems to take the brunt of the beatings. Luckily for you, we have someone on our team that can fix all of that.


Tyler learned to reupholster interiors while attending Wyoming Tech., and it was during that time that he discovered that he truly had a knack and a passion for the trade. We agree! He was able to meticulously disassemble, pattern, and then sew together each amazing piece of the interior, leaving us and the customer with a finished product that is better, in our opinion, than what you would get inside a brand-new vehicle, right off of the dealership lot! The embroidered logos on the seats were done by our friends at Keep It Marketing, completing the whole look, bringing it all together, and really making the design pop.


We are so honored to have Tyler as a part of our team and he really brings something special and of value to the table, further enabling us as a company to better serve you and all of your automotive needs. We stand by our belief that we can handle just about any project that comes through our doors, even redesigning the interior of your vehicle for a customized fit. And, now that you’ve read this, you’re going to notice the state of your own vehicle’s interior the next time you get in it. Not looking so great? Getting a little shabby? Just want something different or more your style? Come on down and see what Tyler and the rest of the team can do for you!


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